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Re: The %.o: rule

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: The %.o: rule
Date: 04 Jun 2001 22:29:58 -0600

>>>>> "Hair" == Raja R Harinath <address@hidden> writes:

Clark> test_SOURCES = d1/ d2/

Hair> Try using
Hair>   AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = subdir-objects

subdir-objects will cause Makefile to build d1/s1.o and d2/s2.o.
Without it, the above test_SOURCES will still work but the .o files
will end up in `.'.

Hair> I think that does what you want (you have to use the in-CVS
Hair> version of automake).

He can use 1.4f, too.  That is the most recent prerelease.


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