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Bug with conditionals. [PATCH]

From: Richard Boulton
Subject: Bug with conditionals. [PATCH]
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 02:33:16 +0100
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I came across this problem a few days ago: just narrowed it down to a
sensible test case.

With CVS automake, if LDADD is set from both a conditional variable
and an AC_SUBST() variable, the _DEPENDENCIES target gets set incorrectly,
having a @TRUE@ preceding it (for each of the conditional variables).

I attach a patch containing a testcase demonstrating the problem
(cond11.test), and a proposed fix (by removing redundant TRUE conditions
in variable_conditions_reduce().)

I'm not sure this patch is the right way to go about this, but with it the
testsuite (including cond11.test) passes.

For the example in cond11.test, CVS automake gives me a
containing the lines:
@TRUE@@address@hidden =
@TRUE@@address@hidden =

I would expect the lines:
@address@hidden =
@address@hidden =

PS: is this list still the correct place for patches?  I thought I saw some
mention of setting up a new list for them a while back, but can't find
anything about that on the webpage.


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