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Re: Fortran 90/95 support (automake)

From: Christian Marquardt
Subject: Re: Fortran 90/95 support (automake)
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 10:49:34 +0200 (CEST)


> This won't go into automake 1.5.  We're trying to get ready to
> release.
> However I don't see why it wouldn't go into the next version.

A pity, of course, though I understand the reason. On the other hand,
would it introduce any serious problem for the automake development,
e.g. the risk to break something? 

Anyway - to me it seems crucial that the autoconf support is also
there; and the patch for that is much larger than that for automake. So
I'll continue to patch the cvs version of autoconf for my own use and
send occasional reminders to this list?

> Do you have paperwork filed with the FSF?  We'll need that before we
> can check it in.  If you do have it, and I forgot, I'm sorry.  If you
> don't have it, tell me and I'll get you the forms you need.

Yes, I did that; several weeks ago, actually.

> Tom

  Christian Marquardt

  GFZ Potsdam, Div. 1             |       Tel.: (+49) 331-288-1168
  Am Telegrafenberg               |       Fax:  (+49) 331-288-1732
  D-14473 Potsdam                 |       Email: address@hidden

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