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Re: AM_CFLAGS and sub/foo.c

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: AM_CFLAGS and sub/foo.c
Date: 17 Jun 2001 17:22:26 -0300
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On Jun 15, 2001, "Steve M. Robbins" <address@hidden> wrote:

> I normally want the program-specific flags _in addition_ to the
> generic flags.  So I *always* have $(LDADD) in $foo_LDADD.

But consider the case of not wanting $(LDADD) in foo_LDADD.  Or
consider cases in which the order matters, and you need control over
where $(LDADD) appears in foo_LDADD.  I think the only way to do this
right is to defer the decision to the user, which means not having it
included by default.  Which is a good thing in itself, because it lets
one omit LDADD completely.

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