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install script needs other permissions

From: Achim Gaedke
Subject: install script needs other permissions
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 17:27:57 +0200


At this institute we have groups for software installation, so the
software should be writable for this group and not only for the
installing person.

But there is no option to change the default permissions, as set via
configure and generated by automake.
So we have to change all group permissions manually afterwards, but it
is not possible to be sure about all installed files.

There are two things, we would like to have:
a target, that writes all installed files to a logfile
and an option, which sets the permissions to what we want.

It is not possible to set umask, just because this default permission
mask is overwritten by install.

Best reguards,


Achim Gaedke, ZPR
Weyertal 80, 50931 Köln
Tel: +49 221 470 6021

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