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Re: Regarding automake and autoconf

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Regarding automake and autoconf
Date: 19 Jun 2001 17:16:12 -0600

>>>>> "Sreekant" == Sreedharan, Sreekant <address@hidden> writes:

Sreekant>        \os
Sreekant>        \os\portable
Sreekant>        \os\unix

Sreekant> How do I do it? Automake does not allow source code to
Sreekant> reside in a different directory other than the one in which
Sreekant> you have the

With automake 1.4, you have to make a convenience library in each
directory and then link them together into your real library.

With the cvs automake (the one which will be 1.5 when released) you
can use files from subdirectories.  You can even put the object files
into subdirectories with the `subdir-objects' option.

People have asked why subdir-objects isn't the default.  The answer is
that it is slower.  Also it is more restrictive; you can't use
`../foo/bar.c' in a _SOURCES with subdir-objects.

However, I'm open to changing this before 1.5.

- It might be possible to remove the "no `..'" rule.  I'm not certain.

- Maybe the performance impact doesn't matter


Sreekant> Secondly, how would I ogranize source code in different
Sreekant> directories and the make files in totally seperate
Sreekant> directories?

I don't follow.


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