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Re: random automake questions

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: random automake questions
Date: 19 Jun 2001 17:35:59 -0600

>>>>> "David" == David Petrou <address@hidden> writes:

David> Am I doing the right thing by specifying `LDADD =
David> ../src/.libs/libpdl.a'.

Nope.  Doesn't it work to use `../src/'?

David> 2. I've noticed that there's no target to make an html version
David> of a texinfo file.  I think for many users, html is preferable
David> over info and dvi.  Does it make sense for a target to exist
David> and a standard location to install html documentation?

It does, and has long been desired, but we haven't implemented it yet.
This is one of the few (I think) ways we failed to meet our
expectations with 1.5.  (Another other major one being the timeline.)

David> 3. On a related note, would it make sense for there to be a
David> `make postscript' target?

I'm not opposed to it or to the `pdf' target.
I won't be doing this any time soon.
If you don't plan to do it, feel free to submit a PR so that this
doesn't get lost.

David> 4. Using automake 1.4 on Red Hat Linux 7.1, I get a weird copying
David> error when doing 'automake --add-missing -c', yet, the file that I
David> needed (in this case, texinfo.tex) was copied perfectly:

This is a long-known bug in automake 1.4.
It is fixed in the 1.4-p1 release (and other -p* releases)

David> 5. Another thing I've noticed: Shouldn't `make install' report
David> a warning to stdout if `install-info' isn't found?

GNU Coding Standards suggest otherwise.  install-info historically was
not available, and the standards reflect this.


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