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Re: override default CXXFLAGS

From: Tilo Riemer
Subject: Re: override default CXXFLAGS
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:11:16 +0200
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> > > I set the CXXFLAGS via AM_CXXFLAGS in the relase version
> > > should have no -g flag... but there is a default CXX_FLAGS variable in
> > > Makefile which has always the -g flag. how can I remove this one?
> >
> > One way is to set it in the environment when running the configure script:
> >
> >   $ CXXFLAGS= ./configure --with-various-args
> If you just want to get rid of the debug symbols, do it at install time:
>       $ make install-strip

thanks for hints, but what I searched for, was the following very simple

using CXXFLAGS instead AM_CXXFLAGS in

this one overrides the defaults :-)

best regards, Tilo

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