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Re: Supporting include in Makefiles

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Supporting include in Makefiles
Date: 01 Jul 2001 23:51:19 -0600

>>>>> "Dean" == Dean Povey <address@hidden> writes:

Dean> I didn't actually know about the AM_ macro when I wrote this
Dean> code though.

Make sure you look at the automake macro.  For instance this code is
required to work around a GNU make feature:

    # We grep out `Entering directory' and `Leaving directory'
    # messages which can occur if `w' ends up in MAKEFLAGS.
    # In particular we don't look at `^make:' because GNU make might
    # be invoked under some other name (usually "gmake"), in which
    # case it prints its new name instead of `make'.
    if test "`$am_make -s -f confmf 2> /dev/null | fgrep -v 'ing directory'`" = 
"done"; then

I don't think your code needs any special support from automake.
Does it?


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