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Re: /lib/cpp again

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: /lib/cpp again
Date: 06 Jul 2001 13:14:01 -0600

>>>>> "Akim" == Akim Demaille <address@hidden> writes:

Akim>   * m4/depend.m4 (AM_DEPENDENCIES): Don't define `depcpp' which is
Akim>   not used.
Akim>   Do not require the corresponding AC_PROG_CC as AC_PROG_CC is
Akim>   actually modified to require AM_DEPENDENCIES.
Akim>   Rename `confdir' as `conftest.dir' so that the configure trap
Akim>   remove it.


Once we require 2.50 maybe we can cleanup some of the ugliness here.

Akim> -       [$1], OBJC, [am_compiler_list='gcc3 gcc'
Akim> -depcc="$OBJC"
Akim> -depcpp=""],
Akim> -       [$1], GCJ,  [am_compiler_list='gcc3 gcc'
Akim> -depcc="$GCJ"
Akim> -depcpp=""],

... for instance, the GCJ macro isn't required here or attached in
init.m4.  That's bad.


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