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Autoconf / Automake for generating Cons scripts

From: Rajesh Vaidheeswarran
Subject: Autoconf / Automake for generating Cons scripts
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2001 17:00:29 -0400 (EDT)


I would like to introduce myself as the maintainer of GNU Cons - an
alternative to Make.

We've received enquiries from a number of cons users regarding the
ability to generate cons scripts automatically using a "./configure"-type

Pardon me if either of these are not the right groups to pose this
question to..

Is automake the utility that generates rules for generating make files?
And does autoconf play any part in the process of writing Makefiles to

If so, is there someone I can work with to see if we generate scripts
for cons using this tools? If we can, perhaps it would be a useful
feature to give an option to users to generate makefiles or cons scripts?

Or if it is so fundamentally different, would it be worth while creating
a new `autocons' like `automake' to deal with this?

If this is not the appropriate forum to raise this question, and any of
you know what is, I'd appreciate a private reply in order to end this
thread on the list.


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