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Re: Java help please

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Java help please
Date: 17 Jul 2001 00:09:34 -0600

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Heath <address@hidden> writes:

Tim> I have mastered the art of c++ with automake.  I can build one
Tim> library from multiple directories and create executables using
Tim> those libraries etc...  Now I would very much like to know how to
Tim> do the same with Java.  I am very interested in understanding how
Tim> to make a single JAR from multiple directories and an executable
Tim> linking in that JAR.  Can anyone just give me a simple example I
Tim> would be eternally grateful.  Also can you tell me if the
Tim> automatic dependency generation script will work with Java?

Sadly, the Java (bytecode) support is incomplete.

There is no canned way to make a jar file.  You can do it by hand:

    something_DATA = foo.jar
    noinst_JAVA = my .java files

    foo.jar: classnoinst.stamp
        .. make the jar file using the .class files beneath `.'

This method isn't guaranteed to work in the next version, sorry.
But hopefully by then we will implement automatic jar building.

I don't understand your comment about linking in a jar.  In (bytecode)
Java you don't need to link anything.

Automatic dependency tracking doesn't yet work for (bytecode) Java.
It might never work.  I don't think `make' is really capable of
understanding what a Java compiler does.  Also, tools for generating
Java dependencies are lacking (at least, I don't think the JDK
includes one).

Things are different for ahead-of-time compiled Java.  That works a
bit better.  Most people don't use that though.


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