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Re: automake depcomp under more open license

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: automake depcomp under more open license
Date: 17 Jul 2001 00:23:40 -0600

>>>>> "Sven" == Sven Verdoolaege <address@hidden> writes:

Sven> Would it be possible to include a version of depcomp with a
Sven> GPL exemption similar to what was added to 'missing' recently 
Sven> in automake ?

I think that is reasonable.  I added it.
Alexandre, complain if you have a problem with it.
As a bonus I went through and updated the text on all the scripts we

The intent has always been that the scripts that automake requires can
be used for any package that uses automake.

I still don't agree that the special exception is needed, but it is
easier to add it than argue about it.

I wonder if this license problem will prevent us from eventually
moving to that auto-sh program (what is it called?  The one that would
let us bundle all our helper programs into a single big script).


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