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automake1.4h 'depcomp '

From: Kremp, Johannes (Extern)
Subject: automake1.4h 'depcomp '
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 13:33:34 +0200


i use automake-1.4h on aix 6.5.
i would like to build a shared library. therefore i think 'depcomp' uses the
flags '-Wc,M':


if test "$libtool" = yes; then
  "$@" -Wc,-M
  "$@" -M

but this cause some errormessages:

rm: Not a recognized flag: W
Usage: rm [-firRe] [--] File...

mv -f -Wc,-M.o chsize.lo
mv: Not a recognized flag: W
Usage: mv [-i | -f]  [--] src target
   or: mv [-i | -f]  [--] src1 ... srcN directory
make: *** [chsize.lo] Error 1
$ rm
Usage: rm [-firRe] [--] File...

in the moment it's only possible to build static libraries.
thanks for your help johannes

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