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Re: CVS version test failures on cygwin

From: Charles S. Wilson
Subject: Re: CVS version test failures on cygwin
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 22:45:08 -0400
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Tom Tromey wrote:

"Charles" == Charles S Wilson <address@hidden> writes:

Charles> ccnoco -- reported on other platforms as "works with
Charles> autoconf-2.13, breaks with 2.52" Same here.

I checked in a fix for this.

Charles> libtool2 -- I don't have libtool installed; this test looks
Charles> for "libtoolize" within the build directory.  Is that
Charles> significant?

It might be.
I added a test for libtoolize to this test.
Could you update and try it again?

Okay, new results:

FAIL: lex3
FAIL: pr9
FAIL: pr87
XFAIL: subdir5
XFAIL: substtarg

According to Robert Collins, pr9 and 87 have been failing on cygwin for > 1 yr. However, lex3 is a mystery.

check the attachment on my message timestamped 12:59pm -0400 for the verbose test results for lex3, pr9, and pr87.


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