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Re: Antigen found address@hidden (Norman) virus

From: Lars von Wedel
Subject: Re: Antigen found address@hidden (Norman) virus
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 08:48:08 +0200

Hi all,

we're having a similar system installed here, and it complains for 2 or
3 emails per day since last week or so. Anyone knows what this is?
Any automake driectives which look like a virus? Or a real one?


> This is an automated message sent from the Antigen Virus Protection for
> Microsoft Exchange Mail @ The School of Business - University of Otago
> =========================================================
> An email intended for you had an attached file, View Sonic Lead.xls.pif and
> the file was found to be infected with the address@hidden (Norman) virus.
> Because of this, the attached file has been Removed.
> The message, "View Sonic Lead", was sent from Alex C.Solomon  and was
> discovered in the IMC Queues\Inbound located on the School of Business Mail
> server.
> ====================================================
> If you have any questions regarding this message please contact:
> Neil Dobier
> Technical Systems Support Specialist
> School of Business
> University of Otago
> P.O.Box 56
> Crn Clyde & Union Street
> Dunedin
> New Zealand
> Phone: 64 3 479 8996
> Mobile: 021674968
> Fax: 64 3 479 8171
> address@hidden

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