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Re: dependency-tracking with sinix compiler

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: dependency-tracking with sinix compiler
Date: 01 Aug 2001 14:20:47 -0600

>>>>> "Johannes" == Kremp, Johannes (Extern) <address@hidden> writes:

Johannes> is there a chance for automatic dependency tracking on sinix
Johannes> systems in the next release ?

Johannes> i looked at the man-page of the compiler

Johannes> //rvssnx2/home/ekjo/hallo>cc -M -c hallo.c
Johannes> hallo.o: hallo.c
Johannes> hallo.o: /usr/include/stdio.h
Johannes> hallo.o: /usr/include/stdvar_dcl.h
Johannes> hallo.o: hallo.h

We almost support this compiler correctly.
Right now depcomp assumes that `cc -M -c -o foo.o' will still generate
the dependency output on stdout -- i.e., that the `-o' will be overlooked.
I think this is fixable though.


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