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Re: automake strips GNU make "else/endif" conditionals

From: Peter J. Farley III
Subject: Re: automake strips GNU make "else/endif" conditionals
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 01:09:15 -0400

At 10:52 PM 8/6/01 -0600, Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>> "Peter" == Peter J Farley <address@hidden> writes:
>Peter> Does automake disallow using GNU make conditionals in rules?
>Not really, but they aren't supported either.  Sometimes they "work"
>if you indent them.  Try adding a leading space.

Well, I found a slightly different approach that worked, making the test into a 
normal shell "if test x$THISVAR = x" test as a "normal" rule action, and this 
satisfied my need.

Maybe next time I'll try adding a space and see how it "works". :)

>My thinking has been that one of automake's primary goals is to
>generate portable Makefiles.  So supporting a nonportable feature
>isn't very important.
>That's been the overriding factor since supporting it is, I think, not
>actually very easy.  For one thing, automake splits macro assignments
>and targets into two different sections of  So we would
>have to change how is generated for this to work reliably.
>Of course, like everything, this is open to debate.  Perhaps it is
>worthwhile to expend the effort to make this work.  I still don't
>think it is that important, though, so at least right now I don't plan
>to spend time on it.


I can't disagree with your portability goal, and I was able to find a perfectly 
acceptable solution to my problem, so I won't be asking you to work on it.

Thanks for the advice and honest reply.

Peter J. Farley III (address@hidden)

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