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Re: Automake 1.5: Documentation generation

From: Steve M. Robbins
Subject: Re: Automake 1.5: Documentation generation
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 11:55:39 -0400
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On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 10:07:36AM +0200, Lars von Wedel wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> I think the way you propose is the best alternative. Hoever, did you
> come
> up with some approach to clean up the documentation? As far as I know,
> there is no such thing like a clean-hook...

Though I didn't worry about cleaning up, I note that a "clean-local"
rule is supported according to the automake manual.

One thing I did worry about, though, is "make distcheck".  Since it is
picky about having files remain after "make install; make uninstall",
I had to add an "uninstall-local" rule ("uninstall-hook" support is
broken) as shown below.

> > On the topic of automatically-generated documentation, how does one
> > handle installing all the zillions of HTML files that doxygen
> > generates?  I don't know their filenames in advance, so I can't list
> > them all in noinst_DATA.
> > 
> > The best I have come up with is to use an install hook as
> > follows.
> > 
> >         htmldir = ...
> >         html_DATA = html/index.html
> >         install-data-hook:
> >                 cp -dpR html/* $(DESTDIR)$(htmldir)

... and to clean up, add 

                    rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(htmldir)


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