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Re: [PATCH] IDL support for automake-1.5

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: [PATCH] IDL support for automake-1.5
Date: 08 Oct 2001 08:34:27 +0200

>   IDLFLAGS = flags to pass to compiler (default -bcxx -Wbh=.h -Wbs=.cpp)

Here, and in the rest of your patch, you hardcode the assumption that
 a) you're targetting C++; while this is very likely, I assume other
    output languages are possible too (Java maybe?)
 b) the extension desired for C++ files is cpp; most GNU projects use
    .cc though.

So I'd be inclined to say we might need extra variables for proper IDL

foo_SOURCE =
foo_IDL_CC = foo-intf.idl
foo_IDL_JAVA = foo-java.idl

where the _CC and _JAVA tells automake to use .cc/.java as an extension
(which it will recognize as C++/Java).  Hopefully, it will not be too
hard for automake to decide which compiler options will provide the
desired extension/output language.

The only issue that remains then is whether or not all idl compiler
support specifying the output extension to begin with.  If not, things
become even more complicated (especially if there are such compilers and
they use a different hardcoded extension); it may even be necessary to
create a wrapper script (a la 'compile' and 'depcomp') to handle such

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