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Re: [PATCH] IDL support for automake-1.5

From: Alex Hornby
Subject: Re: [PATCH] IDL support for automake-1.5
Date: 08 Oct 2001 17:20:04 +0100

On Mon, 2001-10-08 at 15:50, Kyle F. Downey wrote:

> It's actually even more complicated.
> CORBA support is a huge mess similar to the diversity of UNIX flavors
> that led to the creation of the autotools suite in the first place. Proper
> CORBA support in autotools would require a new subsystem. It's been a few
> years since I was working on CORBA regularly, so I would not trust my
> specification for such a thing, but some points to give you a taste for
> what's involved in doing it properly:

Agreed. As IDL to language "foo" rule vary so much, I think its better
to address it through make rules for each ORB.

In my local automake installation I have a built source patch that
improves automakes support for user defined languages through better
suffix rule matching. For example, standard automake has trouble with
suffixes not beginning with a period e.g. S.cpp as produced by TAO. It
also adds support for parallel builds of such installs by ensuring that
the generated sources are present before any object files are built. 

Also it supports patsubst expansion and user defined dependency files so
that you can do things like USER_DEP_FILES =
${IDL_MODULES:%.idl:.deps/%.Pcpp} to add autodependencies.

I can post the patch, but don't have sufficient time at present to split
it up for a real submission.


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