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Re: several automake questions

From: mcmahill
Subject: Re: several automake questions
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 20:50:26 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001 address@hidden wrote:

> Hi,
> I've recently converted a project over to automake and have several
> questions.
> 1)  How can I specify a different directory or subdirectory for a program?
> The application is a cgi program which might, for example, end up in
> /usr/local/libexec/cgi-bin.  The standard things like bin_PROGRAMS or
> libexec_PROGRAMS just don't get me to the right place.  I somehow need a
> cgibin_PROGRAMS...
> 2)  In my top level I have:
> SUBDIRS = include libwcalc gtk-wcalc cgi-wcalc @SCI_WCALC@ pixmaps
> DIST_SUBDIRS = include libwcalc gtk-wcalc cgi-wcalc sci-wcalc pixmaps
> because @SCI_WCALC@ is set either to "" or "sci-wcalc" depending on if you
> do --with-scilab or --without-scilab during configuration.  Is this the
> prefered way to make sure I get everything when I do a 'make dist'?
> 3)  I have some C files which get generated with a gawk script.  The gawk
> program actually requires gawk (not awk/nawk/mawk).  I have a configure
> test for the particular gawk feature.  Whats a good way to have these
> generated files end up in the distribution tarball for those users who may
> not have gawk installed?  Right now I do something like:
>         air_coil_html.c \
>       .....
> SUFFIXES = .html 
> %_html.c : %.html
>         @AWK_GENSUB_YES@ $(HTML2C) $(srcdir)/$< > $(srcdir)/$@
>         @AWK_GENSUB_NO@ echo "Your awk (${AWK}) does not have gensub()"
>         @AWK_GENSUB_NO@ touch $(srcdir)/$@
> should I list all the generated files also in EXTRA_DIST and add a
> dependency like:
> dist:: $(BUILT_SOURCES)
> The same question applies to my pixmaps directory where I have some
> figures in the native format for the drawing program (tgif) and don't want
> to force users to have tgif to produce the xpm's.

and I forgot to mention that I'd rather not have these get cleaned during
a 'make clean' because some users may not be able to regenerate the built


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