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Re: Tom Tromey PING!

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Tom Tromey PING!
Date: 15 Oct 2001 10:46:57 +0200
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>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Collins <address@hidden> writes:

>> Robert, what would be wrong with the head branch as is now?  Why
>> would you want 1.5?  Is it related to the Autoconf requirements?

Robert> Well, head is for development AFAIK, so I cannot simply
Robert> publish on the squid web pages tht developers need
Robert> automake-head. And getting folk to grab a CVS snapshot just to
Robert> develop squid is a little unreasonable (think interference
Robert> with package management on debian/redhat, ports tree on *BSD
Robert> etc). But pointing at the most recent release is ok!.

Miscommunication.  I really meant HEAD *if released*.  So I'm asking
it again: would the current CVS Automake be a viable release for you?

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