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Installing header files

From: Martin Frydl
Subject: Installing header files
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 19:23:56 +0200


        I'm not able to install header files in subdirectories. I've seen a
posting on this,, but I'm
not able to make it work.

        I have a directory containing just subdirectories with headers, no
other code. I tried just this:

        nobase_include_HEADERS = dir1/file1.h dir2/file2.h

        but I get errors:

        include/ variable `include_HEADERS' not defined

        I tried to define it somehow, but I haven't succeeded. I tried these


        I tried using just

        include_HEADERS = dir1/file1.h dir2/file2.h

        and it works, except that it copies files ignoring subdirectories.

        I also tried the second suggested possibility, i.e. to use two
variables each for one directory. This works good. But I would like to
use the nobase_ feature (I have automake 1.5 so why not use its

        May be I'm missing something here. Can someone help me?

                Martin Frydl

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