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Re: Multiple source files with the same name

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: Multiple source files with the same name
Date: 16 Oct 2001 11:28:39 +1000
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Martin Frydl <address@hidden> writes:
>       lib_LTLIBRARIES =
>       libmylib_la_SOURCES = file.cpp subdir/file.cpp
>       Is there any possibility how to use multiple files with the same name
> as sources for one library (program)?

GMP does that sort of thing with a convenience library in the
subdirectory to get .lo files built, then

        libmylib_la_LIBADD = subdir/foo.lo

or subdir/foo$U.lo if using ansi2knr.

The .lo is because if libtool is given the convenience library
directly then it uses PIC objects in the static library (or at least
that was so last time I checked).

> Or should I rename them so that they don't collide?

Might be easier.  GNU "strip" doesn't enjoy same-named objects in a .a
library for instance.

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