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linking against a freshed libtoolized library

From: Stéphane Genaud
Subject: linking against a freshed libtoolized library
Date: 16 Oct 2001 14:44:42 +0200


I would like my to build a library (say libiasp)
with libtool, and then build a binary using functions
from that library, before the library has been installed
into its definitive directory.

However, i don't know if a correct way to proceed is to 
link my binary with the libiasp.a or in src/.libs/
I guess that if they are in .libs, it should be for libtool
internal use only.

For the moment i am linking my binary with all object files
composing the library, which is a bit cumbersome.

So in other words, in the

libiasp_la_SOURCES = <C files>

noinst_PROGRAMS = remodl
remodl_SOURCES = 4sm.c remodl.f
remodl_LDADD   = $(PROGRAMS_OBJ)
Can i replace the last line with 

remodl_LDADD   = -L./libs -liasp 

without risks ?


  Stéphane Genaud                                    
   ICPS-LSIIT, Université Louis Pasteur                   
   Pôle API, Bd. S. Brant, F-67400 Illkirch        
   tel : (33)(0)390244542, 0619058113 (SFR)      

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