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Re: Generated headers that don't get installed

From: Raja R Harinath
Subject: Re: Generated headers that don't get installed
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 13:16:24 -0500
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Braden McDaniel <address@hidden> writes:
> I have some generated headers that should not be installed, and should
> not be included in the distribution of my package.
> noinst_HEADERS keeps them from being installed, but they wind up in the
> distribution.


> So I tried nodist_noinst_HEADERS. This had the unexpected effect of
> installing the headers in the root directory!

That seems to be a bug in automake.  Can you file a bug report?

- Hari
Raja R Harinath ------------------------------ address@hidden
"When all else fails, read the instructions."      -- Cahn's Axiom
"Our policy is, when in doubt, do the right thing."   -- Roy L Ash

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