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directory depth

From: Iñaki Raño Noal
Subject: directory depth
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 04:50:40 +0200

        Hi there,

        I just started using autoconf/automake some days ago. I'm trying to
build library with a directory hierarchy that seems to be a little
strange. There is a top level directory containing a "src" dir. and a
"doc" dir. The top level just has a SUBDIRS line. The "src"
directory contains one directory for each C source file; something like;
src/foo/foo.c src/foo/foo.h
src/bar/bar.c src/bar/bar.h src/bar/foo-bar.c 
        The src/ file defines a VPATH variable equal to "foo bar",
but when I try to make dist the src sub-dirs are no included I get a
copy error: cp ./foo.c doesn't exists.
        Just another question. Is there a way to create an obj directory to
build .o files? Thanks and ...

        best regards. Inaki

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