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Re: make check vs make installcheck

From: akim
Subject: Re: make check vs make installcheck
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 10:25:40 +0100
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On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 02:04:10PM -0700, Simon Perkins wrote:
> Simon Perkins wrote:
> > I also notice that automake generates an 'installcheck' target, but it's not
> > described in the documentation. Is this the place to put tests for the 
> > installed
> > package? Or does it have some other internal purpose? How do I put a test 
> > for
> > the installed software into my makefiles?
> P.S.
> And is there a conveneient automake way of modifying the installcheck target 
> as
> there is for make check?

Here is what Autoconf, Bison and M4 use to run their test suites on
the pseudo installed package:

# Run the test suite on the *installed* tree.
        $(SHELL) $(TESTSUITE) AUTOTEST_PATH=$(exec_prefix)/bin

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