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Subdirectory builds

From: G. E. Quelch
Subject: Subdirectory builds
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 17:35:10 +0000

I am having trouble constructing the files needed by autoconf and/or
automake to construct a sub directory build environment. My main
directory has no source, but several subdirectories have.

I have the following


AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(db_access/ db_access_new/)


AC_OUTPUT(db_access/Makefile db_access_new/Makefile)

and a

SUBDIRS=db_access db_access_new

However, when running make, after building configure with the autoconf
command, and running configure, I get the following error:

address@hidden source]$ make
cd . && \
  @AUTOMAKE@ --gnu  Makefile
/bin/sh: @AUTOMAKE@: command not found
make: *** [] Error 127

The has:


which is the cause of the problem. What macro is missing in my files? I
have reviewed all online documentation I know about, but they aren't
helping me. Other that the documentation at, and the autobook
available from, are there other up-to-date online
documentation sources?

Autoconf version 2.52 and automake 1.5

Thanks for any help.

G. E. "Geoff" Quelch Ph.D.
Chief Software Engineer, Computational Geosciences Inc.
Email: address@hidden
Voice: 303 255 1107

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