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Re: strip facility

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: strip facility
Date: 31 Dec 2001 19:03:54 -0700

>>>>> "Jared" == Jared Davis <address@hidden> writes:

Alexandre> It's a bug that install-strip doesn't do that.  Can you try
Alexandre> this patch?

Jared> Ok, I've upgraded to automake 1.5 and the patch works great!

Alexandre, could you check the patch in?  Thanks.

Jared> Out of curiosity - -is there a way that I can make
Jared> install-strip's behavior the default?  In other words, could I
Jared> set it so that when they type "make install" it actually does a
Jared> "make install-strip"?

You could do it by setting INSTALL_PROGRAM and INSTALL_SCRIPT in  Best would be to do this only if these aren't already
set.  Still, this isn't advised.


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