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Re: My current work and a silly idea

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: My current work and a silly idea
Date: 31 Dec 2001 19:49:45 -0700

>>>>> "Akim" == akim  <address@hidden> writes:

[ Reply to some old email ... ]

Akim> Why do we 
Akim> if FOO
Akim> FOO = foo
Akim> endif
Akim> =>
Akim> @address@hidden = foo
Akim> instead of
Akim> $(FOO_TRUE)FOO = foo
Akim> and leave a plain AC_SUBST definition of FOO_TRUE?  That way,
Akim> real hard core checkers could play *dynamically* with
Akim> conditions.  But I guess there are some Makes out there which
Akim> don't like this. Are there?

It never occurred to me that we could do this.
I tried this:

    MM = #

    $(MM)       @echo hi

GNU make 3.79 gives me a `missing separator' error for this.


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