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How to mv/cp libraries without make install

From: Dahiroc, Patrick
Subject: How to mv/cp libraries without make install
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 22:26:10 -0500


i'm working on porting a project that build multiple libraries and multiple
executables.  what i would like to happen after i run 'make' in the top
level directory is that all the built libraries will be in $(top_srcdir)/lib
instead of their respective build directories.  

ideally ar should create the libraries in $(top_srcdir)/lib with the
command: ar cru $(top_srcdir)/lib/mylib.a A.o B.o C.o.  is there way to make
automake behave like this?

another option is to move or copy the library as they are created.


Patrick Dahiroc
Tel: 301-767-1565
Armillaire Technologies Inc.

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