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RE: How to trigger actions after recursing in directories...

From: Daniel Shane
Subject: RE: How to trigger actions after recursing in directories...
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 10:17:31 -0500

> Daniel> I have a recursive automake installation and I would like to
> Daniel> have make go into each subdirectory and execute some code
> Daniel> before and after the recursion.  Is this possible with
> Daniel> automake?
> I don't think it is possible.
> Why do you need this?
> Tom

In my case, the target is a floppy image (small linux distro). However, I
need to go in each subdirectory to compile all the applications and at the
end create a floppy image and copy all the executables into it. 

Example structure:

 -projects, ...
 -image, ...

How I build is : 

  *Run configure in app1, app2 and app3 via AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(projects/*) in
the TOP
  *Specify images as the last subdir, so that it gets trigered last
  *run make... (recursion)
  *Since the image directory is last, it can assume all the apps where
compiled successfully.

However I do not need the image directory. I would like the main
to say that BUILT_SOURCES is floppy.img, but that this target should get
executed *after* all the recursion takes place. Just like make dist created
the tar.gz in the top directory.

What do you think?

Daniel Shane

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