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Re: automake 1.6 test failures

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: automake 1.6 test failures
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 12:14:29 +0200
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>>> "Dave" == Dave Brondsema <address@hidden> writes:

 Dave> dirforbid.test and pr300-ltlib.test fail after
 Dave> ./configure
 Dave> make
 Dave> make check

 Dave> cygwin on windows XP
 Dave> uname -a = CYGWIN_NT-5.1 DPB2 1.3.10(0.51/3/2) 2002-02-25 11:14
 Dave> i686 unknown
 Dave> libtool 1.4e
 Dave> autoconf 1.52
 Dave> gcc 3.0.4

Assuming you meant Autoconf 2.52, you should see three other
failures in Automake 1.6's test suite.  Is that Autoconf 2.53?


 Dave> invalid variable `lib_HEADERS'
 Dave> FAIL: dirforbid.test

What shell are you using?  This looks similar to PR/305 (if so,
this should be fixed in CVS Automake, could you try that?)


 Dave> /usr/bin/install -c subdir/.libs/liba.a 
 Dave> strip --strip-debug /tmp/automake-1.6/tests/testSubDir/inst/lib/liba.a
 Dave> strip: /tmp/automake-1.6/tests/testSubDir/inst/lib/sta02140/a.o: 
Permission denied


I don't understand this.  Maybe you could check the permissions
of this library, try to strip it manually?

It seems bogus to run "strip" after "install", because the
former may have installed the library read-only (when given
appropriate flags, which doesn't appear to be the case here).

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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