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Re: maintainer mode

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: maintainer mode
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 12:12:18 +0200
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>>> "Roger" == Roger Leigh <address@hidden> writes:


 Roger> In the gimp-print source tree, there are a number of
 Roger> files which we ship in the distributed tarball
 Roger> pre-built.  These are PDF and HTML versions of SGML
 Roger> manuals and PostScript versions of Texinfo manuals.  We
 Roger> do not want an end-user to have to have these tools
 Roger> installed.  The SGML tools are notoriously fragile (they
 Roger> are currently partly broken on my system!), and not all
 Roger> systems will have a teTeX installation.

 Roger> Maintainer mode is used to modify what is cleaned.  If
 Roger> maint-mode is not enabled, then the pre-built files will
 Roger> never be cleaned.

To some extent, this deviates from the conventions that Automake
tries to help you follow.  `make clean' and `make distclean' are
not expected to clean a file which is distributed: one generally
uses `make maintainer-clean' to clean files that requires
maintainer tools.  An AM_MAINTAINER_MODE-free project could
simply have these PDF and HTML files listed in

Another approach would be to check for the SGML tools in
configure, define an AM_CONDITIONAL for this, and define your
clean rule conditionally.

(BTW, I think the following a bug in Automake: there are some
files it always cleans for you, without wondering whether they
are distributed or not.  Unfortunately the postscripts built by
the Texi rules are amongst them; so, somehow, it makes sense
that you clean the PDF and HTML at the same time.)

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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