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Re: automake and AC_CONFIG_FILES($foo)

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: automake and AC_CONFIG_FILES($foo)
Date: 18 Apr 2002 12:19:30 +0200
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| autoconf handles AC_CONFIG_FILES($foo) properly.

But I should say it is not recommended!  The documentation asks for
literals whenever it is possible.

| A plain invocation of "automake" rightly complains that it has no idea what
| it needs to look at, but running "automake (some list of Makefiles)"
| produces:
| 23: required file `./$' not found
| which seems wrong.  If automake is called with explicit filename arguments
| it should ignore (or not complain) about variables in AC_CONFIG_FILES.

What is this $foo?  Don't you need to EXTRA_DIST it somewhere?  I'm
asking the question because precisely, if you move to

case $foo in
  bar) AC_CONFIG_FILES(bar) ;;
  foo) AC_CONFIG_FILES(foo) ;;
  baz) AC_CONFIG_FILES(baz) ;;

is what Autoconf recommends, and it would solve more of your problems,
wouldn't it?

I _insist_, I'm asking you to change your code: I'm (i) asking for
details to understand your needs, and (ii) _suggesting_ an alternative.

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