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Re: Autoconf speedup

From: Zdenek Kabelac
Subject: Re: Autoconf speedup
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 17:54:56 +0200
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On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 05:35:15PM +0200, Alexandre Duret-Lutz wrote:
> Support for sources in subdirectories is a new feature in
> Automake 1.5 and has been improved in Automake 1.6.  Please,
> report any problem you have with this to (bug-)address@hidden

Hmm that's nice - unfortunatelly I'm trying to keep the avifile
a bit more conservative at this area 
-  I've been recieving lots of bugreports from automake1.6 users which
appeared to be automake1.6 bugs.

I'm also trying to keep it compatible as much as I could - though
automake developers really aren't making it easy :)
But I guess it's working with all automakes from version 1.3 for now

If there would be just some AC_MACRO redefinition I could put
directly into my local acinclude.m4 file...

I'd have probably few other ideas - like libtool seems to take
a lot of time to process one single file - I think it could be
precomputed during the configuration - there is no need to execute
150KB shell script each time I wish to compile one object file.
(thought I live in the 1.5 automake world  - if this has been
improved in 1.6 - then this would be great - but most probably
libtool is a separate thing from automake/autoconf)

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