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Re: Two issues with automake

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Two issues with automake
Date: 21 Apr 2002 13:37:17 -0600

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Smith <Paul> writes:

Paul> 1) I had a line like this in my
Paul>       test -f && AC_OUTPUT(somefile)
Paul>    This works fine with configure, but automake really doesn't like it:

This may never work.  Automake likes the outputs to be static.
With the switch to using traces we might do a little better though.

Paul> 2) I have a situation where I want to optionally compile some different
Paul>    files if the user specified a --with-xxx flag to configure.

Paul>    In older versions of automake I just put a configure-substituted
Paul>    variable right into the xxx_SOURCES variable but that no longer
Paul>    works; I get the error "configure substitutions not allowed in
Paul>    _SOURCES variables".

It never worked, but now we finally indicate that.
It may have "worked" by accident but it certainly wasn't reliable
under all situations.

Paul>    OK, that's fine, but how do I go about choosing whether to build
Paul>    those files or not now?

The easiest way is to use conditionally-defined variables.

    if FOO
    foo = extra-source.c

    foo_SOURCES = base.c $(foo)


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