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Re: Autoconf speedup

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Autoconf speedup
Date: 21 Apr 2002 13:50:36 -0600

>>>>> "Zdenek" == Zdenek Kabelac <address@hidden> writes:

Zdenek> I've been recieving lots of bugreports from automake1.6 users
Zdenek> which appeared to be automake1.6 bugs.

Please report them.  We fixed a bunch of bugs for 1.6.1.  Right now,
based on user feedback, that seems to be a pretty reliable release.
If not, we'd like to know about it so we can fix more bugs and release
1.6.2.  In particular I think 1.6.1 is much less buggy than 1.5.

Zdenek> I'd have probably few other ideas - like libtool seems to take
Zdenek> a lot of time to process one single file - I think it could be
Zdenek> precomputed during the configuration - there is no need to execute
Zdenek> 150KB shell script each time I wish to compile one object file.
Zdenek> (thought I live in the 1.5 automake world  - if this has been
Zdenek> improved in 1.6 - then this would be great - but most probably
Zdenek> libtool is a separate thing from automake/autoconf)

libtool performance problems have to be dealt with in the libtool arena.
I don't think there's much automake can do about it.

Unfortunately over time simple builds have gotten slower and slower as
we've added features.  You can disable some of the features to regain
the performance.  A more sane build system wouldn't have these problems.


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