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INSTALL_STRIP_FLAG is apparently hardwired.

From: Harlan Stenn
Subject: INSTALL_STRIP_FLAG is apparently hardwired.
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 01:55:24 -0400
User-agent: EMH/1.10.0 SEMI/1.13.7 (Awazu) FLIM/1.13.2 (Kasanui) XEmacs/21.1 (patch 14) (Cuyahoga Valley) (i386--freebsd) hardwires the INSTALL_STRIP_FLAG to -s.

I think this is a lose - there are cases (like installing kernel modules for
an embedded system) where one wants to do a stripped install but -s is "too

In the existing code there is apparently no way to override this.

What's a good solution?


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