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Re: BTW: This is not the last problem

From: christoph.wiedemann
Subject: Re: BTW: This is not the last problem
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:21:41 +0200

Adriaan> KDE has a lot of extra meta-files that need to be generated: moc files
Adriaan> for Qt, kidl files (and from them _skel.cpp and _stub.h) for DCOP, and
Adriaan> _signal.h files for DCOPSignals. These are typically not explicitly 
Adriaan> in the Instead, we write

This seems to be a real problem of automake and is also related to the wildcard
discussion. In a normal makefile, one single rule would be enough to handle meta
files like the qt moc files, but in automake it is a pity to write a perl 
script with 100's 
of lines to edit the's just to give rules for generating each 
single moc file
from it's corresponding h file. Maybe it would be useful to handle meta files 
automake (i think this is already done for lex and yacc, maybe it is possible 
handle meta files more generally).


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