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Feature request: meta files & wildcards (once again)

From: christoph.wiedemann
Subject: Feature request: meta files & wildcards (once again)
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 11:24:46 +0200

It is common style to generate c/cpp source files from some meta-languages. 
Examples are lex, yacc, QT's moc, swig, and probably many other tools. AFAIK 
there is currently no way to handle such files in automake and the recommended 
way is to write scripts editing's to add seperate rules for each 
file to be generated. This looks really unsatisfying to me because these 
scripts depend on current automake versions (see recently threads concerning 
KDE's am_edit script) and writing these scripts requires much effort.

Though i have read some of the threads concerning wildcards in automake i once 
again suggest to integrate them into the automake stuff, because i believe that 
many developers would benefit from them. If i have a directory, which contains 
source files for exactly one executable / library, i do not want to list them 
redundantly in a (because i often forget to do so and the 
information is already there). I believe that most projeft structures are 
organised in that way and many people would like to list files using wildcards.

Best Regards,

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