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Sending _OBJECTS output to configuration specific directory - HELP!!

From: Ray Cardillo
Subject: Sending _OBJECTS output to configuration specific directory - HELP!!
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 13:05:45 -0400
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I've been struggling with this, and cannot seem to find any examples of other people doing the same... but I'd like to be able to have automake/configure create makefiles that put the .o, .a, executables, etc in another directory based on a configuration parameter.

I did this by hand-editting the, but I want to have automake do it for me so we can use the simpler interface it offers (and I can script the generation of them easier).

Anyway, we want to do the typical thing like Visual SlickEdit offers so we can do a "gmake -CFG=Debug" to have it send all output to the "Debug" directory, or "DebugOptimized" or "Release" or "Profiled", etc. To do this, the linker has to do it's work in that directory as well, and the directory has to be based on a variable.

Isn't really that difficult to do by hand, but I'm having trouble getting automake to do it because I don't see any way of having it do the "cd $(CFGDIR)" before running "ar" or linking, etc, or if there's a simpler way automake can do this and I just can't find it.

Please respond directly so I don't have to subscribe to the list just to ask this one question.

Thanks for any help,
Ray Cardillo

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