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Re: monolithic

From: Richard Boulton
Subject: Re: monolithic
Date: 02 May 2002 23:40:53 +0100

On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 23:19, Harlan Stenn wrote:
> So what options exist for making a single top-level monolithic
> I can't imagine keeping this file up-to-date by hand, especially on a large
> project where changes must be frequently made by multiple developers.
> Ideas?

I split mine up into sub-files, one in each directory, using "include".

ie:, includes "src/", which includes
"src/foo/", etc.

Each must add itself to EXTRA_DIST.  Also, all paths inside have to be relative to the top Makefile.  Variables which may
have entries added in several places (such as CFLAGS) are set to an
empty value in, and appended to in's.

I've not worked out a solution for letting each add something
to a rule such as "install-local".  I set such rules in the top, if needed (the problem is that, if two's define
install-local:, make will complain about a multiply defined rule. 
Perhaps automake should merge them somehow (or at least, a mechanism for
telling automake to merge them could be provided))

Other than that, it's all pretty workable.


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