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Re: building/installing Python modules?

From: roth . gnu
Subject: Re: building/installing Python modules?
Date: 03 May 2002 08:09:21 -0700
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==> "sm" == Skip Montanaro <address@hidden> writes:

    >>> What I ended up doing is building the swig/python modules with
    >>> automake.
    sm> ...
    >>> The missing link I had to fix with automake/python module
    >>> support was that python wouldn't load uninstalled automake
    >>> shared objects as python extensions.  The solution was to
    >>> write a python importer for libtool .la files.

    sm> Would you be willing to share your auto*/libtool/python mods
    sm> with the intention of getting this capability added to the
    sm> relevant distributions?

I'll have to see what I can export easily.  The autoconf macro I use
for python support is probably a good candidate for peer review
(certainly to compare it to other implementations like omniOrb's
etc.).  The Python libtool importer is fairly separable.  I'm
reluctant to reveal my SWIG builder, because it's a
editor and it's an awful hack.


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