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Re: per object cflags

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: per object cflags
Date: 05 May 2002 23:37:43 -0600

>>>>> "Rob" == Robert Collins <address@hidden> writes:

Rob> Are there any plans to allow per object CFLAGS (and CXXFLAGS...)?

You mean per-`.o'?  There aren't any concrete plans.  Offhand I can't
think of any barrier to doing it though.  In fact it might be easy.
(Explaining it might be hard.)

Could you submit a PR for this feature?

Rob> Currently I compile those source files with manual rules,
Rob> but... that means that the dependency tracking stuff doesn't work
Rob> for them...

Yeah, this is a problem.  It would be nice if we had a relatively easy
way to handle situations where you want the full rule with some minor
tweak.  Duplicating the code is pretty bad, since it is complicated
and changes from time to time.


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