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Re: automake reports .lo file created with and without libtool

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: automake reports .lo file created with and without libtool
Date: 06 May 2002 00:17:42 -0600

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Boulton <address@hidden> writes:

[ Sorry for the delay in my reply.  Lately, as you probably can tell,
  I've only been reading automake email intermittently. ]

Richard> sbin_PROGRAMS = camel-lock-helper ...
Richard> lib_LTLIBRARIES =
Richard> libcamel_la_SOURCES = ... camel-lock.c ...
Richard> camel_lock_helper_SOURCES = ... camel-lock.c ...

Richard> Perhaps the appropriate solution is for automake to notice
Richard> the conflict, and automatically use libtool to compile the
Richard> objects for camel-lock-helper and to link it.

You can already work around this in a couple ways.

One way is to put camel-lock.c into a convenience library that is then
used by both libcamel and camel-lock-helper.

Another way is to introduce per-exe or per-library CFLAGS for one of
the programs and thus cause the .o to be renamed.

Automatically fixing the problem in the general case is probably hard.


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