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Re: dependency system

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: dependency system
Date: 09 May 2002 20:07:13 -0600

>>>>> "Olaf" ==   <address@hidden> writes:

Olaf> Is there some way to use the old dependency system with recent
Olaf> versions of Automake?


Olaf> (I fail to see any advantage in the new system

That's too bad.  You must not have run into the various bugs with the
old approach.

Olaf> while the clobbering of the make output is a considerable
Olaf> problem -- it's hardly possible to see what is beeing done or to
Olaf> find compiler messages among all the garbage :-( )

I agree, that's a problem.

I personally always compile in Emacs.  Then I don't have to look for
the output, I just let C-x ` do it for me.  But I realize this doesn't
work for everybody.

I've planned for a while to speed up compilations when using gcc3, by
noticing this at configure time and subsequently avoiding the use of
depcomp.  As a side effect this should clean up the output a bit.  If
you're interested in this I can give you an outline of how to
implement it.  It shouldn't be that hard.


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