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Re: autom4te.cache?

From: Ralf Corsepius
Subject: Re: autom4te.cache?
Date: 13 May 2002 05:00:25 +0200

Am Son, 2002-05-12 um 01.19 schrieb Tom Tromey:
> >>>>> "Skip" == Skip Montanaro <address@hidden> writes:
> Skip> After executing "make distclean" a directory named
> Skip> autom4te.cache is left over.  It appears it's created by
> Skip> autoconf 2.53.  Whose job is it to see it gets deleted?
> Skip> Shouldn't generated distclean target take care of this
> Skip> automatically?
> It looks like autoconf now has "config.status --clean".
> So I guess we can use that.  However, that means we can't release a
> new automake until there is an autoconf release supporting that
> feature.
autom4te.caches are generated when running "autoconf", not when running
config.status. Therefore, config.status --clean is not sufficient.


When bootstrapping the auto*-configuration of a deep source-tree
containing conditionally configured subdirs, autom4te.caches will be
generated for each config-subdir. 

However, config.status will only be applicable to/available for
config-subdirs which have been _configured_ beforehand. 
As config.status is not available for those config-subdirs which have
not been entered during configuration autom4te.caches for those subdirs
config.status will not be available and therefore cleaning up
autom4te.cache will not be possible.


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